Build History

R&R on launch day 2017- Port Huon

Launched in May 2017, R&R was built by Tasmanian Master Boat Builder, Roger Harwood for his own use.

R&R is a meld of classic semi-displacement hull-form, executed with modern materials. The best Tasmanian boat building timbers were used in R&R’s construction; timber preserved in dry storage for over twenty years. King Billy for example used in R&R’s decks and noted for its lightness, durability and strength, is now virtually unavailable.

During his career Roger built many famous boats including the “Pinta”, the 3/4 ton “Solandra”; the first Tasmanian yacht to win the Melbourne to Hobart race. Other vessels included the “30′ motor sailor, the “Kiap” and the Alvin Mason designed “Snow bird”, to name a few.

Steadfastly from the old school, Roger believes that even the best quality marine ply has no place in the structure of a proper wooden boat. Consequently, R&R’s decks are solid Kind Billy Pine, edge glued and sheathed. The hull is strip planked 1.5″ Huon Pine, epoxy sheathed. Cabin sides are 1 1/4″ Huon. All fastenings are copper and silicone bronze.